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About Redlynch Hair & Beauty Studio

Thank you for visiting Redlynch Hair & Beauty Studio website. Our extensive range of treatments and services are performed by our qualified, professional and caring team, who aim for only the best results.

Tracey Ogden - Senior Stylist

Tracey Ogden is the owner of the salon with 30 years of experience in hairdressing in both Australia and the UK. Redlynch Hair & Beauty Studio is Tracey’s third successfully owned and operated salon. In all three salons Tracey has stuck by Matrix hair care for retail and professional use. After so many years of experience with Matrix she has full confidence to achieve desired results.


Jo McCarron - Senior Stylist

Jo McCarron is also a hairdresser and has worked for Tracey in two different salons, in the UK and here in Australia at Redlynch Hair & Beauty Studio. Jo was sponsored to work over here by Tracey seven years ago and both have never looked back! Jo is very experienced and highly skilled in her profession. With 16 years of experience in the industry gained from the UK and Australia, Jo is youthful and ambitious and willing to cater for your hair needs.


Rhiannon Delaney - Beauty Therapist

Rhiannon Delaney is a beauty therapist and gained her qualifications in Brisbane. Rhiannon started young in the industry after doing work experience she knew it was her passion to become a beauty and skin therapist. At present with 7 years knowledge and experience she is still going strong gaining on-going postgraduate education and qualifying as an IPL technician. Furthermore, Rhiannon has been awarded Dermalogica expert status, recognising her as one of the highest trained skin care professionals in the country. Additionally, being the only Dermalogica Expert in Cairns and the youngest in regional Queensland, Rhiannon will tailor a treatment or your skin care regime to accommodate your needs and goals.


The team hopes to make your visit a memorable experience and they look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.



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