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IPL at Redlynch Hair and Beauty

Fight the signs of dermal imperfections with IPL treatment.

IPL IS THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR; permanent hair reduction, removal of pigmented and vascular lesions, photo-rejuvenation and acne clearance.

What is the difference between Intense pulsed light and laser?
The NannoLight is intense pulse light (IPL), similar to a laser. In which it uses light to treat many skin concerns, but unlike a laser, NannoLight uses a broad spectrum of light. IPL treatments are generally less invasive and require significantly less downtime compared to laser treatments.

Will the procedure be painful?
As the light energy is absorbed by the skin pigments (melanin and haemoglobin) the follicle will heat, leading to minor discomfort depending upon the concentration of melanin in the skin or the hairs. Most patients find the process surprisingly comfortable. We offer ice packs to reduce any discomfort or sensation on the skin. For the more sensitive individuals and areas, a 4% topical anaesthetic cream can be applied one hour before hair reduction treatment.

Most patients describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable, and liken it to a rubber band being fired against the skin.

How does NannoLight IPL remove hair?
The NannoLight is an intense pulsed light (IPL) system that uses light to target certain chromophores in the hair while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Using this cutting-edge technology, NannoLight is able to safely, effectively and permanently reduce hair growth with little to no downtime. Our clients often return to work immediately following treatment!

Will all of my hair be removed?
Less hair (typically about 20% less) typically grows back after each treatment, and the hair tends to be finer and lighter in colour also. Many individuals experience permanent hair reduction from 70% to 80% and even higher after having five to ten treatments. Most patients are left with a certain percentage (perhaps 10% to 20% of the original amount) of the remaining hair in the treatment area, which are either too fine or too light in colour for the technology to disable.

How does IPL improve hyperpigmentation?
Intense pulse light systems are helpful in reducing the appearance of – or even eliminating – hyperpigmentation and “age spots” due to the fact that the wavelengths of light used are absorbed by the melanin. The preferential absorption by superficial melanin typically results in melanin destruction which reduces or eliminates uneven pigmentation and lentigines (“sun spots”).

How does IPL perform clearance of acne?
The system utilizes a precisely filtered band of intense pulsed light to clear acne. The treatment activates a photothermal reaction in the porphyrin molecules associated with P.acnes bacteria. This combination of intense green-yellow light energy destroys the P.acnes bacteria. A red wavelength of light is also utilized to provide anti-inflammatory results. Because the machine utilizes a special ‘anti-acne’ selected broadband spectrum of light, it is capable of treating a wide varieties of acne, including mild to pustular inflammatory P.acnes vulgaris.

How many treatments are necessary?
Only hair in the growth phase can be treated. The number of hairs in this phase varies from 10-70%. The length of the growth cycle also varies. After the first treatment, most patients get significant reduction in the treatment area. Treatment sessions are recommended every 4-6 weeks. The number of sessions needed varies from individual to individual.


At your first appointment you will be asked to fill out an in-depth consultation, so your treatment provider can discuss with you the best and most achievable results for your concern. Also, your treatment provider will discuss your treatment schedule and the results you can expect from your treatments. You will also have a “spot test” done to determine the most effective power level for your skin type and condition.


IPL Consultation $50 (redeemable in first treatment)

Hair reduction prices start from:
upper lip            35           chin                  35
cheeks              45            neck                 45
underarms       55            arms                70
bikini                 70            g-string            80
brazilian           99             legs                200
male back       160           male chest    100

pigmentation/photo-rejuv/vascular prices start from:
full face           160            half face 90
neck                  99            lip 40
chest               180           shoulders 200
arms                120           hands 99
spot                   35





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